Grouts and Anchors

In construction, grout refers to a fluid form of concrete used to fill gaps and form a waterproof seal.

  • Bay grout
  • Ceramic tile joint grout

  • Baygrout ep
  • A high performancefree-flow epoxy resin grouting

  • Baygrout nsg
  • Cementitious non-shrink grout

  • Baygrout 40
  • High strength, free flow, non-shrink grout

  • Baygrout 60
  • Ultra high strength, free flowing, non-shrink cementitious grout

  • Baygrout ag
  • Non-shrink, high strength, large section cementitious grout

  • Baygrout cg
  • A high performance cementitious cable grouting system

  • Bay anchor
  • High strength, thixotropic polyester grout

  • Bay add
  • Super-plasticiser, shrinkage compensating grout mixture